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San Diego Public Library’s Awesome Teen Lock-ins

We celebrated four successful Teen Lock-ins at four of our branches: College Rolando, Malcolm X, Point Loma and Rancho Penasquitos. Each branch had anywhere from 25-30 teens, and held similar/different activities that suited the teens in their respective communities. Activities included: duct tape purses, wallets; origami; button-making; kinect; video gaming; music; dancing; and playing guitars and drums. Teen feedback was for the most part, very positive.


San Diego Public Library–College Rolando Library

Can't wait to get inside!

Teens with Island fever!

Island Fever!

San Diego Public Library–Point Loma Library

We love decorating t-shirts!

Wii like it here!
Getting Crafty!

San Diego Public Library-Rancho Penasquitos Library

Some last minute instructions...

How do you shelve this?
Cool! Look at all those books!

San Diego Public Library–Malcolm X Library

Buttonmaking--way to go!

Teens in love with duct tape!

The results are in!

The official results of the Lock-in Scavenger Hunt are in. And the winner is . . . (drum roll here) . . .

Butte County Library, Paradise Branch–Team 2! Well done!

In second place we have a tie between the Cayce-West Columbia Branch Library and the Stow-Munroe Falls Public Library. Nice job!

And in third place, it’s Butte County Library, Paradise Branch–Team 1!

All the photos were great fun to see. I recommend perusing them when you get a chance. Here are a few highlights that I especially enjoyed:

  • the human pyramids–check out the Alexander page
  • ninja poses by the Indian Land teens
  • great roller coaster pics
  • Florence teens had some cool jump(ing) shots
  • Kirkwood teens were quite clever, particularly with their headstands
  • and it’s not often you see chess and football depicted in the same photo (Mammoth sports)
Thanks to everyone who participated. I enjoyed this event and learned so much from the experience. It was fun to connect with other small libraries and share the planning and implementation.  And I’m glad we have this site that demonstrates how much fun we humans can have–no barrel required!
Diana from Mammoth

Fantastic Night For Alexander Teens!